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What to bring with you

To make your day easier and more enjoyable, you'll need a few essentials...

Clothing and kit

It's compulsory to wear a helmet at Cycling in the Straths. Consider the likely weather conditions in advance and plan accordingly so you'll be as comforable as possible. Ideally, try out your kit on a couple of test rides, rather than turning up with brand new, untested gear.

Basic toolkit

While routes will be supported by our staff, with puncture repair kits at feed station, being self-reliant and able to keep yourself going is always a good idea. Bring a couple of spare inner tubes, tyre leavers, a pump and a muti-tool, as well as anything else you normally carry with you.

Our recommended must-haves are:

    • your bike
    • lightweight waterproof jacket
    • padded cycling shorts
    • track mitts or cycle gloves
    • filled drink bottles
    • snacks
    • glasses
    • cycling shoes
    • helmet
    • bike lock
    • sun cream
    • medication (if required)
    • baby wipes
    • mobile phone
    • route map, directions or GPX
    • basic toolkit

NB: There will be a secure area where you can store a small bag.

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