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Charity Challenge

All profits from Cycling in the Straths will be used to help local communities and good causes throughout Mackay Country. But we also want to give you the opportunity to raise money for the causes close to your heart.

Want to organise sponsorship for your own charities?

If you have a fundraising page why not share the link with us on Facebook or Tweet us @cyclingstraths with the hashtag #StrathsCycling and we will help to share your fundraising pages.

Or if you'd like to raise money for the Mackay Country Community Trust you can find us on Total Giving:

Mackay Country Community Trust Ltd
The organisation was created in the year 2000 by representatives from 11 key communities as a result of their work on cultural projects during The Dùthchas Project. It was formed to manage the Mackay Country Project; an initiative started to bring together communities from across a wide region of over 1,200 sq km formed from the 4 parishes of Eddrachilles, Durness, Tongue and Farr in the North West of Sutherland. Two and a half thousand people live in Mackay Country and at least 30,000 people visit Mackay Country each year.

Mackay Country’s charitable aims are:
• To encourage active participation of the wider community in identifying, safeguarding and keeping alive their cultural heritage including the Gaelic language.
• To bring together arts, culture, language and the environment in an exciting way to establish a clear identity for the area.
• To work in partnership with other community groups, private businesses and the public sector to create economic and social benefits from the area’s heritage.
• To enable active learning, skills transfer and research at all levels.

The Mackay Country Trust is operated soley by volunteers. 

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